7 Ways To Become Job Ready 


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Right after graduating, the next big step to take is finding and landing a stable job. While some folks choose to rest for a few weeks before hustling away in a work environment, they’ll still need to go job hunting sooner or later. 

While job hunting is easier these days because of the Internet, landing a job that matches your skill and degree is not going to be easy. Remember, you’ll be competing against other applicants—both fresh grads and experienced workers in the field.

To be job ready, you have to prepare a comprehensive resume and learn how to ace job interviews. This can increase your chances of getting hired faster. Listed below are some ways to become job ready: 

7 Ways To Become Job Ready

Get Help From Coaching 

Coaches can help you gain confidence for job interviews which will eventually give you a huge advantage in the job-hunting process. Aside from that, some coaches go beyond the job-hunting phase and would impart knowledge that can gain you benefits and promotions on the job. They can help you have an easy transition to work Whittlesea, which prevents you from being culture shocked as you already know what to expect.  

Plenty of coaching or mentoring services are available to help you get ready for work. They’ll train you to become a professional while also teaching you all the necessary skills you need for your field.   

Keep Yourself Updated 

If you’re in the IT industry, you can imagine how many new trends and updates would come and go within a year, and it would be hard to keep up with all of those. Most enterprises prefer to hire a quick learner who can easily be a pro at learning a new skill that could greatly benefit their company. Moreover, they might also use the latest tech to get around with their business and need fresh young minds to study the trend further.  

It may be a lot of work, but if you want to stay relevant and competitive in your chosen field, you need to stay abreast of all the latest updates and developments in the industry. You can begin by following popular accounts on the field you’d like to go with. You don’t have to master the field, but learning the fundamentals and truly understanding the trend would be beneficial.  

Become An Intern

Frankly, most companies prefer to hire employees who have prior experience. This helps them save time and resources since they don’t have to exert much effort in training and preparing such employees. Because of this, it could be difficult for most fresh graduates to find a job. With internship experience, however, you’ll gain a fair advantage.   

There are plenty of internships available for fresh graduates that you could apply to. As you go through their internship program, try to learn as many skills as possible. Do something big so you can proudly showcase your achievements on your resume. That will help you impress your future employer. Alternatively, if you’re offered an internship program during college, it’s a good idea to grab the opportunity to help you gain experience early on.  

Learn More Skills 

Of course, everyone wants to hire someone with extraordinary skills. While you might already have the right skills as you’ve gained them from your studies, finding ways to improve yourself will be nice. This way, you can bring more to the table and allow yourself to be a great candidate for the job.  

Ideally, you should learn skills relevant to your field. Ensure that it’ll be something you can use for your line of work and not just a hobby to let time pass by. There are plenty of online platforms you can study without leaving home. Alternatively, you could try enrolling in a boot camp that allows you further improve and master a new skill, giving yourself a competitive edge on the field.  

Improve Soft Skills 

While hard skills will help you become more productive and effective on the job, honing your soft skills is also vital. Sometimes, a company prefers to hire someone who they think would fit well with their company culture. It’ll help them maintain a better work environment as the people they hire complements the values and mission of their organization.  

Soft skills include communication, interpersonal, leadership, and problem-solving skills. You can improve your soft skills by attending online courses, improving communication skills, taking a leadership role, and stepping outside your comfort zone. Your mindset and attitude will also have a huge impact on your soft skills. Most times, leadership and collaboration require patience, good decision-making skills, and foresight. 

Attend Training Seminars And Conferences 

There are plenty of seminars and conferences that aim to help fresh graduates, giving them advice on how to jumpstart their careers. You could also try attending ones that focus on improving your skills. 

Network With Mentors And Industry Leaders

A good network can provide you with plenty of career benefits. It will allow you to gain a relationship with people outside of work and even get recommendations and referrals. Ideally, it would be best if you networked with people in the same field and gained their interest in what you can bring to the table. 

You can also try to network with corporate leaders during company events and introduce yourself. You can even network with people who can introduce you to bigger personalities and allow you to be more in touch with people who can guide you or potentially offer you a suitable job opportunity.

If you’re not comfortable networking with a lot of people yet, especially people who are older and more experienced than you, then just take it easy. You may start small and network with like-minded professionals who are about the same age and have the same experiences as you.


Becoming job ready can be challenging for some, especially fresh graduates with no professional experience. Job hunting might be intimidating, but there are many ways that can help you prepare for the process. You can gain knowledge and skills from coaches, mentors, and other senior professionals. Additionally, y

But after improving yourself and gaining enough experience, you can allow yourself to be a great candidate in the field. It won’t be long until you’re flooded with job offers from various companies.  



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