Clomid For Men: Does it work for male infertility?



Clomid Review:

What does Clomid do for men?

Let’s analyze. Clomid is a medicine that comes under the category of ovulatory stimulants. It is the same as estrogen in functioning. This drug is mainly prescribed to females in order to treat their infertility issues. But men also use this medicine as an off-label drug. Those men who take Clomid see an increase in their sperm count. Moreover, by taking Clomid, the levels of testosterone also increase.

It should be kept in mind that this drug is approved by the FDA only to be used by females. This means the FDA has not approved the use of this drug or medicine in males. But the doctors prescribe this drug only when they consider it to be more effective than being risky.  In men, this drug helps to deal with such symptoms which occur as a result of hypogonadism like hot flashes, decreased libido, concentration issues, erectile dysfunction, etc. To improve the treatment success of Clomid, the doctor may also prescribe vitamin E or any antioxidant along with Clomid.

Clomid For Men:

Clomid or clomiphene for males is prescribed to men as an off-label drug to treat infertility problems. It is prescribed to men who suffer from low levels of testosterone. There are a number of reasons in which a male can suffer from infertility like genetic disorders, overheating of testicles, hormonal imbalance, obesity, testicles’ injury, alcohol overuse, etc. But the doctor performs different tests to figure out the reason behind infertility and then prescribes the relevant dose. Clomid can use as an effective treatment in the case of idiopathic oligoasthenozoospermia, varicocele, and nonobstructive azoospermia.

Side Effects Of Clomid In Men:

  1. Acceleration of already present prostate cancer in men.
  2. Males can notice changes in their vision.
  3. It can cause irritability.
  4. Clomid can lead to acne.
  5. Males may experience mood changes.
  6. It can lead to male pattern baldness.
  7. Clomid can result in effecting the sexual drive in men.

What Does Clomid Do For Men?

Clomiphene citrate is prescribed as an off-label medicine to males to treat issues related to infertility. It addresses their issue of low sperm count. By taking Clomid, men can see an improvement in terms of their hormonal imbalance and increase the production of hormones in men. In men, Clomid can increase the production of sperms or FSH and LH which is testosterone which results in better production of sperms which in turn helps in boosting fertility of males.

Working Of Clomid:

As clomiphene or Clomid UK is a selective estrogen receptor modulator, it binds selectively to receptors which are estrogen receptors, and this results in blocking the effects of estrogen. All this, in turn, leads to increasing the production of FSH which is a follicle-stimulating hormone, and LH which is a luteinizing hormone. Therefore, The increase of LH leads to increasing the production of testosterone which is effective for the production of sperms.

Clomiphene For Males:

In the case of males who want to use Clomid or Clomiphene, it is recommended to use this drug in low doses as compared to women. The average dose of Clomid for men can be between 25 mg to 50 mg every day. It is of crucial importance to talk to a fertility specialist first before taking this medicine and adjust the dose as high doses of Clomid in men can cause negative effects especially on sperms.

Duration Of Clomid To Work:

In women, the results of Clomid are visible within a month but it is not the case in men. As the full development of sperm takes around 108 days, it takes a lot of time to see the end results of Clomid. Due to this, it is recommended that men should take Clomid for about four months to see the quality of sperms being produced or to go for other types of fertility treatments.

Dose Of Clomid:

There are different dosing patterns of Clomid which can suggest by the doctor. These include taking Clomid in a high dose of 100 mg for a period of ten days for a total of three months or taking it in the dose of 25 mg for a period of five days with a break of five days and carrying this cycle out for three months. Another dosing pattern of Clomid involves taking it in the dose of 25 mg for a period of 25 days and then taking five days off before starting the next cycle of a total of three months.

Alternatives Of Treating Male Infertility Besides Taking Clomid:

Apart from treating infertility with Clomid, there are other ways through which this problem can address in men. There are a number of ways in which the production of testosterone can improve in men. And through which the sperm count can be increased. These include different supplements which are mainly referred to as fertility supplements, following a healthy diet that has a good amount of vitamins, etc. Other than these, there are other treatments as well for male infertility which include oral medications like anastrozole, Femara, etc. Apart from these oral medications to treat infertility, men can treat this issue with fertility injections as well. There are different types of fertility injections which include human chorionic gonadotropin etc. If males do not see any effective outcome by using human chorionic gonadotropin. They can instead take human menopausal gonadotropin as treatment.

Supplements And Other Ways To Increase The Fertility Of Men:

There are also a wide variety of supplements that can increase the quality of sperm and can treat fertility in men. Such supplements include vitamin D, zinc, D-aspartic acid supplements, vitamin C, etc. Moreover, by following simple ways one can improve his fertility. For example, by exercising regularly, relaxing more and trying to minimize stress, consuming Tribulus Terrestris, having more fenugreek supplements, consuming foods and supplements that contain zinc, like fish and eggs, taking herbal medicine ashwagandha, limiting the intake of alcohol, eating such foods which are rich in antioxidants like walnuts, getting an adequate amount of sleep, getting enough amount of folate, etc.


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