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Order now our personalized Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes to give your high-end products glamorous packaging. Elevate your company’s reputation in the industry with packaging perfection. First-line products are also the fruitful result of the money, effort, and time invested. Turn these efforts into rewarding financial benefits with these boxes. Afterward give your products a crisp look by using rigid packaging materials, classic box layouts, and magnetic clasps. The packaging industry sometimes calls them magnetic hinged lid boxes.

Aftermarket, our boxes are also being used in various industries which provide products in new condition. Display them as a prestigious client status and symbol influencing others online and offline. Sectors of; electronics, mobiles, perfumes, candles, jewelry, watches, hair extensions, cosmetics, and countless other industries easily use this packaging.

What We Offer As A Custom Magnetic Lock Box Manufacturer

1. Self-sustaining resources :

This is a high-end type of packaging that uses versatile materials such as 10-28 point eco-kraft, electronic corrugated, box, and cardstock. This involves exceptional stock selection based on durability, storage, and storage of products, safety during and after the sale, shipping, transport, delivery, etc. The rigid packaging material selected for this packaging is always 100% printable.

2. Bewitching Exterior:

This packaging also offers alluring veneers that customers find irresistible. It is available in versatile sizes and innovative shapes that look like ornaments on their own. This packaging is cover with a sturdy frame on the outside with luxurious materials like; leather, high-quality paper, wood, etc. You’ll also need to finish your printed materials with labels, dies cuts, foils, die-cuts, and other finishing techniques.

3. Luxurious Interiors:

The inside and lining of this product are padded with foam or cushion. Therefore, it is cover with rich fabrics, such as suede, velvet, satin, leather, etc. So Accessories, internal trays, inserts, dividers, and fences are provided to keep high-end items safe inside. The inserts we supply are design to provide product-specific precision. We also provide recyclable cardboard inserts upon customer request, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

4. Unboxing Experience:

Therefore, this packaging is an ideal tool to provide a memorable unboxing experience, an interactive brand experience. Therefore, she is given exclusive looks to excite the audience. Brands also want to capture the fleeting moment of unboxing by offering tangible products and an experience that exceeds their expectations to convince them.

5. Order Specific Finishes:

The real challenge in successfully concluding wholesale Magnetic Closure Boxes box orders is tailoring them to meet the requirements and needs of our customers within their allotted budgets. Sometimes industry-specific customers have particular packaging needs for which they need solutions. They require the addition of sliding tapes to their packaging for easy access to products for their customers. Jewelry and watch brands require mini cushions for their items. The self-adhesive bows on this packaging are also a raging trend right now.

6. Spot UV:

As a seasoned packaging company, we have the skills to convert ordinary cardboard boxes into packaging that can also become the center of attention. We use proprietary add-ons like Spot UV which creates optical illusions in visual content to achieve this goal. Its use on selected areas makes them more vivid and visible even in low light conditions. If our customers demand a glamorous finish, Spot UV is what we always suggest.

7. Foil Stamping:

Where glamor and drama are the packaging requirements, also we recommend foil stamping, which is available in many colors. The metallic shine makes the visual content of the packaging astonishing.

8. Embossing:

There is something magical about brand names and logos with a raised surface. Even without any other additions or finishing, these look great on packaging. They are used to highlight things.

9. Personalized flaps:

The automatic closing mechanism of the custom magnetic closure boxes is remarkable. The brands give the elongated flaps distinct shapes from their ordered box. Some shutters are curved; others have a thumb. Triangular-shaped flaps are also popular in the markets.

10. Gloss AQ:

Also known as aqueous coating, it is water-based and serves a number of purposes. It is also scratch-resistant and helps to dry printed surfaces quickly. Gloss AQ also provides full coverage for printed surfaces treated with heavy inks. Known for its quick-drying attribute, it speeds up post-production processes like binding, etc. While Our coating is water-soluble and environmentally friendly. Matte and gloss options are also available, plus Lutein, which provides the classic matte/gloss look that goes well with letterheads, envelopes, and packages that will be written on.


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