Don’t let your car get stolen: Lexus GS Trunk Lock



The Lexus GS Trunk Lock is a hassle-free and trendy method to keep burglars from accessing your trunk. This lock assists you feel protected with its capability to withstand spying, hammering, and cutting. It likewise sets up in seconds and offers “pre-drilled holes” so it does not take excessive time out of your day! Lexus has actually been making a few of the very best cars and trucks on the marketplace for several years now – not just are they glamorous, however, they’re likewise reputable. The Lexus GS is no exception: this car and truck have an exceptional track record for being safe while preserving speed. With the help of the GS Trunk Lock, owners can be a lot more positive than their lorry will remain safe while parked or moving.

Do not let your automobile get taken!

The Lexus GS Trunk Lock consists of a standard locking system. It likewise features an automated release that enables you to open the trunk by pushing the button on your crucial fob. This lock likewise has a steel cable television that connects to the frame of your cars and truck, making it resistant to spying, hammering, and cutting. The Lexus Trunk Lock is likewise “pre-drilled,” indicating that it’s simple to set up and will not use up excessive of your time. You can discover this lock at most vehicle shops for around $40.

Pros of Lexus Trunk Lock: – Resists spying, hammering, and cutting – Automatically launches when you push the button on your essential fob. It likewise includes a steel cable television for additional security. – Pre-drilled holes make the setup extremely basic. No requirement to squander hours attempting to find out where to drill into your automobile!

The GS Trunk Lock is a terrific method to keep burglars from accessing your trunk. This lock withstands all types of control and sets up in seconds. It’s the best method to keep your vehicle safe and protected. So do not wait any longer: secure your cars and truck with the Lexus Trunk Lock today!

Vehicle security is very important!

It is necessary for individuals to pick a lock that has both design and security in mind. The Lexus GS Trunk Lock is an outstanding choice for this due to the fact that it is trendy and it provides security. Design is very important in the life of everybody, specifically if your item connects to the way of life of individuals. When somebody’s cars and truck is taken, they are not simply losing their lorry, however memories inside it. The Lexus Trunk Lock will assist you to resist burglars by supplying you with an assurance that your trunk will stay closed at all times.

Having cars and truck that is safe and secure is necessary for everybody. The GS Trunk Lock can assist you to resist burglary and keeping your automobile safe. Burglars are constantly searching for a simple target, and by setting up the Lexus Trunk Lock on your cars and truck, you are making it harder for them to steal from you. The lock is likewise exceptionally simple to set up, so there is no reason that you need to not include it in your cars and truck today. It just takes a couple of seconds to set up, and it supplies “pre-drilled holes” so you do not need to fret about taking excessive time far from your day.

Setup Process!

Set Up the Lexus GS Trunk Lock by following these actions: 1. Utilize a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the two screws within the trunk cover. 2. A little expand the pre-drilled holes in either side of your trunk cover with a drill or other sharp things. 3. With an L-shaped tool, line up its slot with among the two pre-drilled holes and move it in tight versus the within the wall of your trunk cover. 4. Repeat action 3 for your opposite.

5. Judge how well your L-shaped tool setup passed running your turn over each hole and making sure there is no offer when you push down on it. If there is, utilize an adjustable wrench to make the holes a little larger.6. As soon as you have actually evaluated that your setup achieved success, reattach the screws to the within your trunk cover.7. Check the lock by closing your trunk and attempting to open it from the exterior. It need to not open unless you have the secret.


If you’re searching for a trustworthy method to secure your vehicle’s contents, look no more than the Lexus GS Trunk Lock. This lock is hard to pry open, hammer, or cut, making it an excellent method to keep your possessions safe. What’s more, it sets up in seconds with pre-drilled holes and uses up the very little area so you can quickly keep your cars and truck looking excellent with no additional work. Simply make certain to check the lock by closing your trunk and attempting to open it from the outdoors to make certain it’s working effectively.


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