Game-Changing Features of a Virtual Event Platform that are Leading the Future


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Game-Changing Features of a Pandemic, virus, social-distancing, vaccine, and virtual events are a few widely used terms in the last two years. Ever since we have adapted to the new regular, virtual events have become the go-to option for organizations.

If you are looking for an efficient platform, here is a virtual event guide describing the features a must-have in your 3D virtual event platform. Have a Look:


Just as you would want to set up a physical event, keeping in mind the purpose, objectives, and theme of the event, virtual events also allow you to do the same. One feature that you will easily find in a promising virtual event platform is the personalization tools they come with. These tools enable you to present your event just the way you want it. From landing pages to emails, registration forms, and layout, the customization feature of a virtual event platform allows the user to set the solution according to the objectives and needs of the organization.

One-Stop Solution:

One thing that is very prominent in the event industry is the event management agencies. These agencies are a one-stop solution for all your event needs. Likewise, virtual events have virtual event platforms that are the all-in-one solution for hosting an efficient online event. With these platforms in hand, the organizers don’t need to search for more than one solution as they are power-packed with all the features you need to execute your event in the best way possible.

Easy Accessibility:

As an event organizer, the first thing you should always bear in mind is the convenience of the attendees. For your attendees, you are hosting the event, not yourself. Hence, while planning your event, make sure you are not compromising the safety of your attendees.

One feature that assures you is the easy accessibility of the platform you choose to host the event. The thing is, nobody has got enough time in the world today; technology has made us lazy and impatient. Hence, if the audience feels the platform is taking too long and too much effort to access, they won’t bother to continue and leave it midway. So, to make sure it doesn’t happen with your event, get your hands on the one that has an easy interface and can be accessed easily.

Also, note that not all your attendees are tech-savvy. Therefore, while making a choice, look for the one that doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge.

In addition, one more thing you should keep in mind is multi-device accessibility. Not everyone would have laptops and high-end tools. Moreover, people like to attend virtual events on mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops. Hence, multi-device accessibility is another feature that can change the game for you.

Audience Engagement Activities:

Most people still prefer attending in-person events because they feel virtual events lack audience engagement tools. They think online events are inefficient in keeping attendees engaged. Whereas physical events are more immersive and people find them interesting.

However, the feature that can change the game is the audience engagement tools. If you are organizing the event to boost the audience engagement rate of your brand, you cannot do without these attendees’ engagement activities. These tools or activities allow the organizers to give the virtual event a closer-to-real look and make the event interactive. A few activities or tools that you should look for in a web event solution are:

  • Q&A Sessions
  • Gamification Features
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Live Polls
  • Live Comments

Networking Tools:

Two of the most popular reasons people like to attend events are learning something new or expanding their networks. Networking comes easy in the case of physical events; however, this aspect gets a bit challenging for virtual events. Virtual platforms come with numerous networking tools that make the entire process seamless to make it easier for the organizers and the attendees. With the help of these tools, the attendees can interact with fellow attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers present in the event. A few of the most popular networking tools are:

  • Audio/Video Chat
  • Networking Tables
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • AI Matchmaking and more.

A platform with all these features will enable you to make the entire process more impactful and unforgettable. Not only this, it will help you boost your audience engagement rates and brand awareness.

In-Event Analytics:

It is a powerful tool that comes as a great advantage to all the organizers. It is the feature that makes virtual events dominate the global event industry. While it is nearly impossible for the organizers to track all the attendees’ activities in a physical event, it is seamlessly integrated into virtual events; all thanks to the advanced technology and the in-event analytics feature.

This feature allows the organizers to gain insight into all the activities of the attendees on the platform. The organizers get the data of the number of the attendees, their touchpoints, features that engaged the maximum audience, and almost everything that the organizers should know about their event. The organizers can later utilize this data to analyze their performance, the strategies that worked well, if they have met their goals or not, and measure the success of their event.

3D Virtual Setup:

It is one of the most impactful features of a virtual event platform that can change the entire game for you. 3D Virtual Event Platform allows you to attract a broader audience to your event. It is a premium game-Changing Features that generally cannot be seen regularly. With the help of this feature, the organizers can depict any real-life venue, be it an exhibition hall, an island, or any auditorium. The 3D virtual setup gives your virtual event a closer-to-real look and adds value to your attendees’ experience.

Privacy and Security:

Maintaining the security of a virtual event is the most crucial yet the most challenging aspect of any event. As an organizer, maintaining the confidentiality of your attendees’ data is vital, and you would never want to compromise on that front. An efficient Virtual and hybrid event platform will never compromise its users’ privacy and security. It is the feature that makes your platform reliable and trustworthy.


There are times when a few attendees can’t make it to the event. Also, there are times when you would want to see what all happened during the event. It is when the recording of Game-Changing Features comes in handy. It allows you to record the entire event and later use it at your convenience. You can use the videos to post on your social media and gain more audience engagement.

Given the variety of options available, it is common for the organizers to get confused and overwhelmed and make the wrong decision. This article is intended to help you with the entire process and make it easier. Hence, we have listed these features, and we hope it has fulfilled their purpose.


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