How Startup Businesses Can Maximize Wireless Fax Solutions In 2022



You may wonder why faxing is still in use in 2022. Although it’s quite a traditional technology, faxing is still being used in big fields such as in businesses, government, and health. These sectors are said to mostly use faxing to share confidential documents such as contracts and bills.  

Cooperate communication may sometimes require using more than one communication channel. Therefore, on top of texting and messaging, your business could benefit from faxing. Today, however, the technology of faxing has evolved. Faxing can now be done digitally; hence, you don’t need paper or ink to send a fax. This explains why auto dialler companies like Call Cowboy Dialer have added faxing to the list of services they can manage for your business.  

Lucky you. This post will look into wireless fax solutions and how you can use them for your startup businesses. 

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What’s Wireless Faxing



Wireless faxing is a form of faxing whereby instead of using the traditional fax machine, you use devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktops to send and receive a fax. These devices need an internet connection for faxing. Apart from an internet connection, faxing requires a fax number and an account. Lastly, you need the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology for wireless faxing. 

A fax number is used when contacting a server, fax provider, or fax machine. You can’t send or receive faxes without this number. Meanwhile, an account is used when you don’t want to buy a fax machine, modems, or telephone lines. You need to connect your account with an online fax service provider for it to work. 

Over that, the different devices provide different wireless fax options from which you can choose which one to use for your business. 

  • Cellular Wireless 

This wireless fax option is preferred by users who wish to send and receive fax using a cellular connection. This option is most preferred, especially in this era of digitization, where almost everyone is glued to their phones most of the time. The cellular devices in this option require an internet connection to access your email, fax app, or web interface. 

Another way you can use cellular wireless is by connecting a fax machine to your mobile phone through an internet connection. Yet not all fax machines accept this kind of connection. You can use either CDMA or GSM wireless fax machine

  • Phone Jacks 

This option is used by people who already have a fixed-line connection but want to shift to a wireless connection. You’ll have to connect a wireless phone jack to your fax machine in such a situation. Only then you can use a smartphone or computer to send and receive a fax. 

Choosing which wireless fax solution to use in your business is critical. The following section will briefly explain how to pick out an appropriate wireless faxing solution for your company. 

How To Choose A Wireless Solution For Your Business 

Selecting the best wireless fax solution for  startup businesses might be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with faxing. The following are steps you can use as a guide when choosing the best wireless fax solution

  • Step One: First, start by assessing the needs of your business. The needs will determine how many faxes you send in a given time frame. Knowing the volume of your business’s faxes determines which wireless fax solution is best for your startup business. If you don’t deal with many faxes, you can choose an affordable solution that has a lower fax limit. On the other hand, if the volume of faxes you deal with is big, you should choose a solution with a higher fax limit. This solution might be a bit more expensive than others. 
  • Step Two: Next, contact the vendors that offer the solutions that seem best for your business. By contacting the sellers, you’ll learn about their customer service quality. Further, try to get reviews from customers who have worked with these vendors. How they’ll treat you will help you decide whether you’re willing to work with them or not. 

In addition to choosing service providers, you can choose which ones provide better features. The following are some features you can use for evaluation: 

  • International faxing – it’s best if you get vendors who offer faxing services on an international level. This is because you might end up with clients from other countries and such a service would be helpful. Nonetheless, you should note that international faxing requires an additional fee. 
  • Email-to-fax support – email has become a familiar and more accessible means of communication in today’s world. Thus, choosing a platform that provides email-to-fax support would be convenient. Email-to-fax support means that you can use your email to send a fax. To use this feature, you must change your recipient’s fax number to an email address. 
  • Proprietary app support – the use of mobile phones has become popular in today’s world. Therefore, having a service provider that minds such priorities is good for  businesses as it’ll accommodate most phone users. Proprietary app support allows phone users can use mobile apps to send, edit, view, and sign faxes as long as they have a strong internet connection. 
  • Step Three: When contacting vendors, inquire about the costs you’re likely to incur when using the services. Sometimes, you might have to incur hidden or unexpected fees, which might be revealed in the quotation. Therefore, knowing how much you’re likely to spend by using various vendors will help you narrow down to the ones that offer wireless fax solutions within your budget. 
  • Step Four: Lastly, inquire if it’s possible to get free demos. Free demos or trial periods are usually used to test the quality of the service before you start paying for them. This step is vital as it’ll help you differentiate between similar wireless fax solutions. After you differentiate, you can choose the best solution for your business. 

What Are The Advantages Of Availing Yourself With The Best Wireless Fax Solution

Now that you know how to select the best wireless fax solution, here’s how you can use it to benefit your startup. 

  • By Using Wireless, Fax Solutions To Save Money 

Most startup businesses, if not all, are very cautious of how they use their funds, especially after the 2019 Covid pandemic. This is because most small businesses have limited funds, so they have to use them wisely and don’t suffer in tough times. Wireless fax is one way a startup business can avoid unnecessary costs. The following are ways that your small business can maximize wireless fax solutions through cost minimization: 

  • First, wireless fax doesn’t need the use of a fax machine. Thus, your small business won’t have to spend its limited funds on purchasing a machine. 
  • Since you don’t need a machine, you’ll also save costs by not buying paper, ink, and toner used in old fax machines. Not using papers reduces the possibility of making errors that require reprinting and rescanning, which is sometimes tedious. 
  • Also, you don’t have to deal with maintenance costs for fax machines. 

Nonetheless, you should note that using wireless fax machines doesn’t mean you won’t incur costs. Wireless fax solutions require an internet fax connection, which you might get at a monthly or annual fee depending on your provider’s agreed terms and conditions. In other words, the internet fax fee is cheaper than the costs incurred using a fax machine. 

  • Use It To Save Storage Space 

A small business can receive and send up to ten daily faxes. This equates to around three hundred faxes in a month and more than three thousand in a year. It can be challenging to store all these faxes in a manner such that they won’t take up an ample space or be easily accessed.  

To solve that, you can use wireless fax solutions to minimize the need for spacious storage space. This is because cloud-based wireless fax solutions have cloud storage space, allowing you to store all faxes that your small business sends and receives in one space. Doing so would reduce the importance of having ample storage space for fax papers. In addition, your small business’s productivity increases as you’ll use the minimal time to find fax papers, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. 

Nevertheless, not all vendors offer permanent storage services. If you don’t have permanent online storage, you can consider getting more cloud storage for your small business or finding another convenient vendor. 

  • You Can Maximize Wireless Fax Solutions By Using It To Boost Security

The traditional fax machines that use papers are considered insecure because it has the risk of hackers as well as physical theft. On top of that, you might end up misplacing fax papers which poses a risk of a security breach if they land in the hands of the wrong personnel who are not supposed to access them. 

To your advantage, you can use wireless fax solutions to avoid such security issues. For instance, using wireless fax ensures that faxes are sent and received by the intended person, avoiding security breaching. What’s more, you can use programs that ensure you send faxes to the correct addresses. Such programs prevent you from sending documents if you input an incorrect fax number. This also prevents your documents from being sent to someone who’s not supposed to receive your fax.  

Besides, some wireless fax solutions offer tamper-proof online faxing. Tamper-proof online faxing means no one can edit your faxes without being noticed, as they’ll leave a record. This is because any editing done on such fax papers automatically generates an audit used by small businesses to maintain transparency. 

  • Use Wireless Fax Solution To Facilitate Efficient Communication 

Communication is essential in every business as it streamlines the daily workflow of a business. Apart from that, communication is also crucial in businesses because of the following reasons: 

  • It increases workers’ productivity and engagement;
  • It helps build a better relationship with your clients;
  • It promotes innovation, especially in startup businesses;
  • It advances management transparency; and 
  • It helps your business grow in general.

As a result, you need to use any means possible to improve communication in your business. Wireless fax solutions are known to offer better communication in a couple of ways which include: 

  • They allow you to be in touch with clients and workers who are in different locations from you. 
  • Using various devices, you can process multiple documents containing important information simultaneously. 
  • You can send a wide range of information using various types of files such as PDF, JPEG, GIF, DOC, DFX, PSD, and many more. 
  • They can be used to communicate different ideas that would be important to your business and give reviews about the quality of service or products you offer 

Henceforth, you can maximize wireless fax solutions for your startup to enjoy the above benefits, especially since there’s a high competition rate among businesses in 2022. 

  • Use Wireless Fax Solutions To Improve Convenience 

In 2022, working from home has become popular as it sometimes saves the time used to commute to work and the cost of commuting. Working away from your office can be challenging if you don’t have the right platforms or services to ensure everything in your business runs smoothly. 

To your advantage, online faxing offers an opportunity to effectively work from home by accessing your work documents from the comfort of your home. All you need is a strong internet connection. 

Also, sometimes clients complain that maybe they didn’t receive any document from you. This complaint might be valid at times, while at times, it might not. Unfortunately, not all communication platforms, such as email, can notify you when a person receives and opens your document. 

But with a wireless tax solution, you can use advanced faxing capabilities to get a notification anytime your recipients receive, open, or download the files you share. By doing so, you’ll be able to work on your business’s convenience by sharing the documents again in time in case one of your recipients doesn’t get them. 

Summing It Up 

The use of faxes to communicate by sending and receiving documents has advanced over the years. Wireless fax solutions have replaced traditional fax machines. You can use this post to learn how to maximize wireless fax solutions in your startup business. For example, by minimizing costs, saving storage space, increasing security, enhancing communication, and improving convenience. 

But before you maximize these wireless fax solutions, it’s essential to learn how to choose the right wire fax solution to fit  businesses. The wireless solution you select determines how much you can maximize wireless faxing. Consider using the steps detailed in the post above to guide you in choosing the best wireless fax solution for your startup.




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