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Alien Gear Holsters is an American holster maker that makes covered convey holsters utilized for individual protection. The organization began in Arkansas and has since moved to Post Falls, Idaho in 2016.

History and advancement

Alien Gear Holsters began when Thomas Tedder couldn’t find a handgun holster he truly needed to convey a gun in and began to fiddle with the holster plan. Ultimately, he found a plan that he was ready to disguise convey with and started delivering and selling holsters at first on a limited scale. The activity started in his kitchen yet ultimately moved to his shed per his significant other’s solicitation. Alien Gear Holsters at long last migrated to Hayden, Idaho in 2013. The holster organization which started with only a couple hundred bucks of cowhide and plastic was developed to utilize many workers. They view themselves as a “springboard organization,” wherein they’ll elevate inside to offer individuals a chance at a superior skillset.


One of the objectives of beginning was to address the shortcomings of the average holster plan. While the regular mixture holster with a cowhide sponsor would utilize an 8-ounce calfskin, Alien Gear utilizes a 12-ounce calfskin benefactor. Rather than utilizing a meager shell made of thermoplastic acrylic polyvinyl chloride, for example, Kydex, a thicker shell was concocted for more noteworthy solidness.


One more typical component of Alien Gear’s holsters is the utilization of hex screws and crushable elastic washers to join the maintenance shell to the holster. Many contending organizations use bolts, which are non-flexible. Belt cuts within the-belt holster were additionally made customizable so the holster would ride at the level and slant point that clients liked.

Shroud Tuck Original and Cloak Slide

The underlying item offering, the Cloak Tuck, utilized a cowhide sponsor and Boltaron thermoplastic shell. This was trailed by the Cloak Slide, an external belt holster utilizing a cowhide base that rides on the beltline, reasonable for open convey.

Shroud Tuck 2.0

After the Cloak Slide, the Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB holster was delivered in 2014. The 2.0 had a unique sponsorship framework, being produced using various layers of material including a shut cell neoprene back layer, ABS plastic center, and vinyl front layer. Each of the three of these items would ultimately be presented for a select number of guns as well as self-loader guns.

Shroud Mod oar holster

Outsider Gear sent off the Cloak Mod oar holster in April 2015, a measured OWB holster that could be changed over from an oar holster to a belt slide in practically no time. This was immediately trailed by the Cloak Dock holster mount, a creative yet basic mounting section that allows the client to connect the section to viable surfaces, to which the holster and gun can be docked.

Mag transporters

In September 2016, the Cloak Tuck 3.0 for pistols was delivered, continued in December 2016 by the Cloak Mag line of magazine transporters and the Cloak Dock IWB holster mount for Alien Gear IWB holsters.

ShapeShift particular holster framework

In January 2017, Alien Gear reported the ShapeShift particular holster framework to be delivered in summer 2017. The ShapeShift is intended to change arrangementhe t in minutes and be utilized in almost any design for hid convey and other uses.[7]

Holster arrangements

Outsider Gear’s specialty is the mixture holster, a holster configuration made by mounting a hard plastic shell onto an adaptable fabric (or other) material. The advantages of this holster plan for the individual conveying the gun are more prominent solace contrasted with hotcake style holsters (produced using two bits of a solitary material like Kydex/other hard plastic, nylon, or cowhide) alongside better fitment and maintenance generally speaking.

Outsider Gear’s holsters share specific highlights.


All holsters preceding the ShapeShift holster framework utilize an all-inclusive holster shell, meaning a similar shell can be introduced on different support stages. Most Alien Gear shells are pressure shaped for the particular make and model gun the client orders from sheets of Boltaron, then, at that point, managed to fit and cleaned. Notwithstanding, select shell models are presently being infusion shaped for more noteworthy sturdiness.

The support foundation of Alien Gear’s Cloak Tuck 3.0 and Cloak Mod holsters both have centers of woven ballistic nylon texture and spring steel which go about as inner stiffeners. Outsider Gear’s cowhide belts, expected for use while conveying a gun and a holster, likewise utilize an inside stiffener of spring steel.

Outsider Gear’s all are inside the belt holsters and the Cloak Mod holster is viable with Alien Gear’s Cloak Dock holster mount framework, which can be gotten to most surfaces like furnishings, and drywall, or vehicle insides.

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