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Project management tools empower teams to execute projects in a flexible, efficient, and productive way. These technology-driven products make it easier for project managers to keep all their project data consolidated into a central platform. When choosing a software to manage your projects and tasks, the names Jira and monday software very often appear. Both are cloud-based work management solutions that enable teams to improve productivity by syncing their communications and work. However, there are a few distinct differences between these two project management platforms. Here we will compare Jira software vs. project management software monday, comparing features, costs, and integrations so that you can make the right choice when it comes to selecting what will become your most used tool!

Jira vs. monday.com: At a Glance

Project management tools are foundational to any business’ success. Jira and monday.com are popular PM software that help teams streamline tasks and collaborate in real-time to deliver outputs with accuracy and speed. Both integrate seamlessly with common applications to make workflows even smoother. However, they go about project management differently and have a few distinct differences that need to be considered when choosing the right tool for your business.

Both work management platforms are popular with mid-level businesses and organizations. While Jira software is known for its advanced reporting features and Kanban board, monday.com relies on boards and timelines for visual and intuitive project management. Jira offers a free version that includes all the basic project management features. Monday software, on the other hand, provides paid subscriptions.

Jira also includes scrum features that are helpful to teams working with software development companies. Monday.com focuses exclusively on user simplicity and is suitable for a variety of businesses.

Jira vs. monday.com: An Overview

Developed by Atlassian, Jira software offers a project management tool to help agile teams plan, release, and track software. The platform supports Scrum, Kanban, hybrid, and other unique models. It provides an advanced level of transparency into workflows with customizable features to cater to needs of organizations regardless of their size. Jira reviews confirm that the software is suitable for various use cases, including agile software development, business process improvement, and service desk management. It also integrates seamlessly with several popular applications, such as collaboration and source code platforms to let users see project progress at a glance. Book Jira demo to learn about all these functionalities in real-time.

monday.com offers a cloud-based work OS that helps users in streamlining their workflows. Teams can rely on this platform to connect with members and shape their workflows in a single space. The software offers customizable and workflow templates, dashboards for insights, time-tracking tools, and automations to eliminate the unnecessary chaos associated with project management. It also includes mobile apps that enable users to access their project data on the go. It offers an intuitive user interface and helps teams of all sizes create transparency, adjust to growing needs, shape workflows, reduce manual grunt work, and collaborate with ease. Book monday demo to learn about all these functionalities in real-time.

A Comparison of Features

Jira and Monday software are two widely-used project management tools on the market. They are designed for the same purpose (help teams manage their projects), but there are quite a few differences in their features that you should understand before picking the best fit for your business. Let’s get into them now!

Jira Salient Features

Jira software offers features for real-time project completion and collaboration:

Roadmaps: This feature enables users to get a birds-eye-eye of their project’s tasks, share plans with stakeholders, and ensure roadmaps connect to their work in just a few clicks.

Kanban boards: Jira software offers Kanban boards to let users see their pending tasks and maximize delivery in a short time. This allows you to gain clearer visibility into project planning and tracking during every project phase. You can also adjust these boards to get improved productivity and full visibility into upcoming activities.

Customizable Workflows: The software allows businesses to create workflows that fits perfectly with their organizational frameworks.it also gives users a 360-degree view of processes to help prevent bottlenecks.

Scalability: JIRA project management software offers enterprise-grade solutions to support scaling of the software across an entire organization.

monday.com Salient Features

monday.com simplifies project collaboration through its features:

Flexible and customizable software: Users can customize Monday software to meet different team requirements. The software offers columns to let users keep track of necessary information and access information regarding assigned team members,

Gantt Charts: You can use this feature to track schedules, dependencies, deadlines and milestones from a centralized location. The software also allows you to convert spreadsheets into Gantt charts for improved visualization.

Templates: monday,com comes with an entire template center that includes templates for project
management, marketing, sales, software development, design, and HR.

Marketing: The software allows you to design various create briefs and create marketing strategies to reach a broader audience.

Centralized management with boards: It allows users to manage everything with color-coded boards that support visual organization of projects, tasks, and different stages of the process.

Pricing Comparison

  • Jira software offers a 3-tiered pricing plan: Free, Standard, and Premium. The Free Plan supports up to 10 users. For a team larger than that, the Standard plan is offered, which is billed at $7 per month for each user. Users can also pay Jira pricing for the Premium plan to suit their advanced requirements.
  •  monday.com comes with a 4-tiered pricing plan: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. There is a plan for every business type and size. monday.com cost for the basic plan is set at $8 per month per user. If your team wants to scale up, they can purchase the Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan.

Jira vs. monday.com: Integrations

JIRA’s integrations simplify project collaboration:

● Gliffy
● Salesforce
● Google Docs
● Tempo
● Microsoft Teams
● Zephyr

Monday.com supports integration with different business applications for streamlined workflows:

● Google Drive
● Slack
● Microsoft Teams
● Trello
● MailChimp
● Zendesk

Bottom Line

Both Jira and monday.com are high-quality work management platforms. They offer a comprehensive range of features for communication, task management, and business enterprise. Jira’s Kanban-based approach is highly beneficial for agile and software development teams. monday.com is ideal for numerous projects and bigger teams because it allows you to track multiple project timelines in a single timeline board. At the end of the day, the ultimate choice is yours as you understand your team requirements better than anyone else. We highly recommend that you also study various Jira software vs. project management software Monday comparisons before arriving at a decision.


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