Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins?


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Today, it is evident that a specific store constitutes multiple branches and is located at distinguishing locations. It is important for a store owner to let people know about all the locations on a specific map. This is where the WordPress store locator plugins perform their relevant actions. The WordPress Store Finder plugins heavily rely on Google Maps for highlighting locations.

Precisely, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Google Maps features, including the different map views, geolocation, and directions, to reach the nearby store. Furthermore, suppose you would like to provide some sort of directory-based service. In that case, these WordPress store locator plugins can be very useful because they can show where the services are in real life.

Suppose you’re a store owner with multiple physical locations. In that case, a unique store locator will make it easier for your potential customers to locate a nearby outlet for your sustainable business easily. It works perfectly for any supply chain business model, for example, medical stores, salons, gymnasiums, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and vice versa.

Here are the best WordPress store finder plugins that will help your business soar to new heights in 2022, when we talk about them.

WP Multistore locator is a powerful and robust WordPress plugin that provides many functionalities and relevant tactics. Suppose you are running an online store and want to experience some intuitive search functionality concerning the location guidelines. This plugin also enables the admin in the back-end to manage their store functionalities, categories, and sales manager for their prospective franchise. 

 wordpress store locator plugins

As a full-fledged package, it comprises multiple features that include search store, nearby store functionality, and multiple template support. It can also manage the snazzy mapping styles and store tags. It also enables the user to use shortcodes to display search maps anywhere on the site page or post, and the user can find search stores by region and vice versa. 

  • WP Store Locator 

WP Store Locator is a free and robust WordPress store location plugin that comes integrated with a default location management system that can be used to provide customized labels for the entry fields. This plugin enables users to filter their results by radius and find the nearest location of your store. The map will also provide driving directions from their current location to the nearby stores so that a customer can use their GPS to easily find your store. 

It also enables you to add complete information about each store along with the location map markers. This consists of the phone number, fax number, email, website, store description, opening and closing hours, etc. Also, you can even import and export the store’s information. The plugin supports shortcodes to add individual store information to the separate pages and posts. Hence, you can also execute promotions for a specific branch of your business in this way.

  • Advanced Google Maps

Advanced All-in-one support for Google Maps is a feature-rich WordPress store locator plugin that consists of all-in-one support for Google Maps. It enables you to assign multiple categories to your locations and enables users to filter nearby locations via these categories. The plugin can work robustly using Google Maps, so users can get multiple directions on their mobile devices. It provides you with the coverage in miles and kilometers, and it merely depends on the user’s choice and provides information for driving, bicycling, walking, and transiting users.

The plugin will inform users of the start and end locations in the directions tab, allowing them to enter their suitable destination. This will help users find a nearby store from their current location.The maps can be easily customized from the backend environment. This means that you can easily add colors, opacity, start location, end location, optimize multiple way points, custom markers, and vice versa. 

Wrapping Up 

Certainly, there are millions of users hooked up to the WordPress platform that have tested all the aforementioned plugins. Nevertheless, the users rate the plugin as excellent, robust, tangible, and suitable for mapping and finding the location guidelines. It’s a well-known fact that these plugins require a considerable amount of attention. Hence, there are many WordPress store locator plugins available in the marketplace, but the abovementioned ones provide remarkable features and are quite useful for incorporating store locator features for your potential consumers. Thus, the benefits of using the WordPress store locator plugins are endless, and they will continue to prosper more in the near future.


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