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What is the hardest decision for any person looking for software for their practice? It is to choose software that best suits their requirements. We will talk about such software right here for you to see and decide. Elation health software is a cloud- based electronic record solution. It is recommended by physicians, doctors, and healthcare experts because it is an ONC-ATCB certified EMR. It also has unique features such as a patient portal, e-prescribing, and e-faxing. The good news is that the solution is accessed with MAC or PC.

Elation EHR Pricing

It is pertinent for users to know the price of their software; hence e Elation EHR costs $275 per month. However, the software does not offer a free trial or free version. The pricing is comparatively affordable, and many users have approved the elation software price. Similarly, the elation ehr demo is free to watch. Users can quickly request a free demo and benefit from the software’s exclusive demo consisting of essential information.

Elation EHR Reviews

Users are always eager to know about the reviews other people have given to the software. So, we have gathered the reviews and divided them into pros and cons. Let us now look at the reviews.


  • One of the users talked about the ease of use. The user noted that the software is comparatively easier to use. In addition, the users are satisfied with the software interface, and they say that it was easy to navigate the software and its functions.
  • Other users noted that the best thing about elation is its integration with hint health, spruce, and MDScripts.
  • Users also talked about the e-prescription feature and said that it is the best feature and helps them have the medicines on time without physically going to the doctor.
  • Users also talked about the note-making in the software; they said they were at ease because of the notes option as they could gather all information in one place.


  • Some of the users did not have a great experience. For example, some noted no discount for the mid-level prescribing practitioners. Other than that, they have customer support that does not respond on time, and the issues are not fixed.
  • Other users noted that they had a problem doing medication interactions. They called the interactions somewhat restrictive.
  • Other users noted that the system had a few glitches. Due to the glitches, their work was interrupted, and they did not like it. Users suggested a change in the system and makeme it more efficient.

Nextgen EMR Software

Nextgen EMR software is a cloud based EMR system. It was the vision of two doctors back in 1998. Nextgen Software has just done wonders by providing the best features applicable to every size of organization and hospital. It is available to be used on any tablet and phone and is a touch screen enabled software. So, if the patient must book an appointment, seek referrals, or request refills, they have only one door to open: Nextgen EMR Software. Its growth is commendable as it is now used by more than 124,000 health providers in the United States of America.

Nextgen EMR Software Features

  • Clinical Tasking: Nextgen medical software is a hub for all the clinical tasks you are required to do. It waives off the pressure of being physically present at the hospitals.
  •  Customizable Settings: You can customize the settings according to the need. Whether you must cancel an appointment, book one, or change your information in the patient portal, some options let you customize the settings.
  • Electronic Prescribing: Electronic Prescribing saves you time! It is no longer needed to find a doctor at the hospital. Nor is it a compulsion for the doctor to write a prescription physically; this can be done just by a single tap on the screen, and this is the benefit of using Nextgen EMR software.
  • Dashboard: Nextgen EMR Software’s dashboard provides easy navigation. The categories are separated for the users to see. Moreover, the icons are enlarged so that the user has no problem selecting the option of their choice.
  • Interoperability: Nextgen EMR software has a distinctive feature of interoperability. Interoperability helps the program link with other software and generates information. For example, they are taking out the previous disease from other doctors. It builds a whole network where different health providers can have access to each other.

Nextgen EHR Pricing

The nextgen EHR price costs around $299 to $549 per provider. The prices may differ from package to package. The software is said to be cost-effective. Similarly, when we talk about nextgen ehr demo, it is available for free to watch upon request. The users must request the demo, and they can learn about the details of the software through a visual presentation.

Our Thoughts

Most people asked about evs. elation her. However, we have gathered that 82 percent of people recommended using elation health for medical purposes, whereas 87 percent recommended using nextgen ehr. Both have unique features that have elated the status of the healthcare department. To make a better decision, users must know the requirements of their practice and then decide which software suits them best, so trust our analysis and make the best decision of your life.



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