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High-Quality Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in SEO. Search engines consider them as a vote of confidence from one website to the other. The websites that have their links on other sites enjoy high traffic and authority. As per the latest statistic, the top websites on the search engine results page have nearly four times more backlinks than the others below them.

It is no surprise that many businesses are focusing on building quality links and taking the help of professional SEO services and link building services. If you are looking to build high-quality backlinks, then this blog post is just for you. This article discusses the seven proven ways using which any business can build quality backlinks.

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build links. By contributing blogs and articles to other websites, business owners and marketers get the opportunity to reach new audiences and gain more exposure. The method is quite simple. Write to the websites that accept guest posts and attach the articles you would like to publish. Apart from building links, guest posting also plays a critical role in enhancing social media followers and online reputation.

There are many ways to find websites that invite guest blogs. The easiest method is to type a particular keyword (or niche) plus guest post. For example, SEO services + guest posts. The second method is to look for writers and bloggers who publish guest posts regularly and approach the websites with your articles. The third method is to find the sites using social media. A professional SEO services provider can help businesses to post high-quality guest blogs and drive traffic to their website.

Broken links are hyperlinks that are linked to blank or missing web pages. This is also known as link rot, which is more common than we think. As per Harvard Law School research, more than 25 percent of deep links in The New York Times are now broken. The study found that six percent of the deep links in 2018 articles were dead and 72 percent of the links from 1988 were inaccessible. An older study also found that about one link out of every 200 URLs on the internet broke every week.

Such links are harmful to websites that host them as they affect their SEO efforts. Broken link building is one of the most effective ways to build high-quality links. Find some reputable websites relevant to your business and look for broken links in them by using a reliable broken link checker. It will highlight the dead links in red. After that, request the website owner to replace the dead links with your relevant links.

3. Promoting the content using roundup posts

Roundup posts are blogs and articles that feature several bloggers and writers. In this technique, webmasters and marketers can contact websites that run monthly or weekly roundups. The writer usually asks them certain questions related to the industry, which usually pertain to predictions and trends. It’s extremely easy to find out roundup posts. A Google search with the keyword plus roundup (example: SEO services roundup) is sufficient to find sites and blogs that are running roundup. It is best to filter results from the last seven days to a month. After that create a message and attach one of the best content to the email. 

4. Leveraging testimonials

Testimonials are one of the easiest methods for building high-quality backlinks. Many businesses display their customers’ testimonials on their website’s homepage or a dedicated page for reviews. They have a feedback feature that enables reviewers to write reviews and put their mail address and website’s link in it. After the testimonial gets published, visitors can view the reviewers’ names and websites. Consider visiting some websites whose products or services you use. Check if they have testimonials and, if they do, write a positive review and submit it. Make sure to place the website link below the name. To ensure more exposure to your link, select the websites that showcase the testimonials on their homepages.

5. Keeping a close eye on main competitors

To create excellent content and earn good quality backlinks, it is crucial to keep a close watch on some of the best-performing competitors in the industry. There will always be some players who will have better content and backlinks. Understanding how they do it is the key to effective link-building and SEO strategies. Observing the main competitors can help businesses use the skyscraper technique, which involves finding high-quality content and creating something better. The best way to spy on the competitors is to follow them on social media, subscribe to their email newsletters, or create a Google alert for a competitor’s name.

Internal links play a key role in building quality links as well as improving a website’s SEO efforts. Relevant High-Quality Backlinks enable visitors to navigate through a website to find relevant and supplementary information. Make sure, however, not to overload the web pages with internal links. It is best to keep the number of internal backlinks for every page below 100. Taking the help of professional SEO services can help in building internal backlinks.

7. Leveraging user-generated content and forum comments

The comment section of blogs and social media posts provides businesses with immense opportunities to build relevant High-Quality Backlinks by leveraging user-generated content. Online public forums such as Google Groups and Yahoo Answers also give the opportunities to write answers and share experiences. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitter also enable website owners to share useful answers and place their site’s link on the comment section.

Building quality backlinks can be difficult sometimes. Not many people are willing to help a stranger or a competitor to rank high on the search engine result pages. But earning backlinks is easy and simple by using the right methods and tools. The above seven methods are extremely effective for all types of businesses when it comes to link building to Get High-Quality Backlinks.


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