• a care worker or medical professional makes a house call to a senior patient at her home . The medical professional is assessing the patient’s mobility with her crutch

    Orthopedic Surgeons Being the Backbone of the Nation Since Ages

    Orthopedic Surgeons refer to the branch of medical science dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. It has a rich history, beginning with the primitive times, carried on by the Egyptians, and subsequently followed by the Greeks and Romans. Historically speaking, orthopedics concerned itself with the remedy of bone deformities in children using specialized braces. The Renaissance witnessed the rise of science and the subsequent decline of religion. This period marked the development of orthopedics as a full-fledged medical practice and saw the emergence of numerous orthopedic hospitals. With time, the practitioners comprehended the necessity of aseptic approaches in the field of medicine. Thereby expanding their practice to…