The 5 Best Custom Pen Books of 2022

Abrar Yousuf


There are many great custom pen that isn’t too expensive on the market, and some could make it into the top five. You can’t go wrong if you look into the Kaweco Perkeo, the TWSBI GO, the Platinum Preppy, or the Pilot Kakuno. Each of these pens is a great choice. Customers are also told what to do with the Platinum Prefounte made available to them. The PenBBS 308 is still an option, but shipments from China have been slow and inconsistent over the past year for reasons clearly out of the manufacturer’s control.
Swipe. TWSBI.

The 5 Best Custom Pen Books of 2022

I think the TWSBI Swipe is a game-changer for fountain pens that cost less than $30. This is because TWSBI ships this pen with two different converters and a cartridge, so you can use cartridges or ink from a bottle, whichever you prefer. But, even though there isn’t as much variety in the assortment as in the ECO, I think that will be the case in the end. TWSBI has just started making the Swipe in colors other than gray and blue.


Even though some people might be turned off by putting a fountain pen with a piston filler on a list of recommended “beginner” fountain pens, I think the TWSBI ECO is a great deal at $32.99 if you are willing to learn to love the ink bottle. At $32.99, the TWSBI ECO is a great deal if you are willing to go ahead and learn to love the ink bottle. Over the years, TWSBI has added more colors and finishes to its ECO line. Now, in addition to clear, white, and black, there are also pens with rose gold accents. The brand has also made pens with rose gold accents all over the design.

Lamy Safari.

The Safari is the perfect example of what a “starting pen” should be, and it’s made in Germany, a very strong country. It was made earlier, but now it’s a timeless classic, and the nibs can be changed. The AL-Star is another great option. It is made of aluminum like the Safari and is connected to the Safari in some way. If you don’t mind that the Safari is triangular, go with the AL-Star.

Platinum Plaisir.

The Pilot Metropolitan has been replaced by the Platinum Plaisir in my list of recommendations. This is because the Platinum Plaisir comes in more colors, has what I think is a better nib, and is much easier to hold than the Metropolitan. Also, the Metropolitan’s nib is smaller than the one on the Platinum Plaisir. In addition, the Platinum Plaisir comes in more colors than the other models. The only bad thing about this product is that you must buy the converter separately, even though the high-capacity cartridges from Platinum are great and can be used for a long time. The only bad thing about this product is that you have to buy the converter separately.

The Kaweco Sport.

Kaweco is best known for making high-quality pocket pens, the company’s main product. The Kaweco Sport is the company’s most popular pen. It comes in several different versions with different prices, from the cheaper classic to the more expensive aluminum AL-Sport and the even more expensive carbon fiber AC-Sport. The carbon fiber AC-Sport costs more than double what the aluminum AL-Sport does. You can buy either the Skyline Sport or the Classic Sport, which have gold details (with chrome trim).

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