The processing types of Sri Lanka visas for US Citizens



The procedure of the Sri Lanka visas is easy and simple, especially for US citizens. The Srilankan government is always in pursuit of a special relationship with the USA.  Visa for Sri Lanka from the USA can be obtained by following the procedure prescribed by the Sri Lankan embassy in the USA. All the applications can be processed online as the Sri Lanka US embassy has made the procedure a little easier for travelers towards a country like Sri Lanka. 

You need to be properly vaccinated when you are traveling to the Sri Lanks. It is better for your own safety, as there are pandemics all around. Try to be careful carrying the vaccination card along with you, as it can be demanded at any place. Governments around the world are too critical about vaccination, due to the rate of spread of pandemics in the world. Try to use the visa for the purpose, which is applied for, it can be also not good for your own purpose of visit. The Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens can be obtained by following the procedure described on the embassy website.

In this article, we are describing the procedure to travel to Sri Lanka from the US.

The ways of processing of Srilankan visa:

The processing of the Sri Lankan visa can be done in three ways, this is to provide the applicant the easiness to get the visa:

The standard processing of visa: 

Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens can be obtained in 5 days time, by crediting $ 61 as a processing fee account, this fee is submitted to the account # provided by the Sri Lankan embassy in the USA. It is better to apply for the visa a week before your visit to the country. This can be feasible for you, as it can be good for your travel.

Rush processing of Visa:

The rush processing can be obtained by credit a fee of $ 94 to the account of the Sri Lanka US embassy. This processing usually takes 3 days, it can be best when you need the Sri Lankan visa in a hurry. This type of visa is usually applied by the business person, having investment in the country. The investment in the tourism and hotel industry is profitable for US investors.

The Super Rush Processing:

In case of an emergency, you can apply for Sri Lanka visas for US Citizens for super-fast processing. This type of  Super Rush Processing can be done simply in less than 24 hours. You need to credit a fee of $ 103.75 if you want this kind of visa. Sometimes in case of emergency, everybody wants to get a visa at any cost.

All types of processing of the visa, are to provide the best of services to US citizens. The processing can be smooth and fast according to your desire and requirement. US citizens need to submit all the information in the prescribed manner which is described by the Sri Lankan embassy in the USA.


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