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Today, the world has been gradually switching to remote work setups as these can provide plenty of benefits to workers and businesses. With remote working, they can conveniently complete their tasks right at the comforts of their own homes. They no longer have to worry about travelling to work, which can waste their time and energy, plus they get to save on transportation costs. For businesses, on the one hand, they no longer have to rent out or purchase large spaces to accommodate their workforce. 

Furthermore, with this trend, team meetings are becoming a staple as well. However, making such events as fun and as engaging as possible can be challenging, especially since attendees are convening in a virtual setup. Some might not even enjoy the virtual happy hour, especially if you’ve been doing the same routine every meeting. To help bring the fun back, below are some tips that might come in handy. 


Cover Planning Base 

Before you worry about making the activities fun and engaging, you should begin covering the plan base to ensure that everyone can participate and would be in a great mood. This way, you can guarantee a successful event.  

Firstly, you should decide how many people will be attending your event. Ideally, you should only have three to 15 participants. This would help ensure that everyone can join in the activities and prevent them from being distant observers while everyone else is having a good time. Such a range of people encourages everyone to participate and join in the fun.

In addition to deciding on the number of participants, you should also set the date of your virtual event. It could be during a team member’s birthday or career achievement, or close to holiday events, such as Halloween and Christmas. This can help make the team meeting more enjoyable.  

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Send Out Engaging Invitations

As you plan for a virtual team meeting, you should set the mood prior to the event. This will help put your team members in the right frame of mind. You can begin by posting a poster of the event on your online collaboration tool. Ideally, you should make the design as riveting as possible. Of course, you should include all the necessary information about the meeting. You can even provide a little sneak peek at what to expect for that day.  

Along with sending a poster, you should also send out individual invitations to each of the participants for a personal touch. You could even customize an invitation for each person, if you have ample time to do that. This can make them feel special and motivated to join the event as you took the effort to create a special invitation for them. Moreover, you should also make the invites exciting to thrill up the mood.

It’ll also help if you require an RSVP, so you can further adjust your plans for the day of the event.  


Choose A Fun Theme 

One way you can set the mood of the virtual team meeting is by choosing a fun theme. For one, you can ask everyone to change their background into something that matches the theme and wear something appropriate for the event. You can even ask them to wear costumes and props, and allow their screens to look fun for everyone.  

Ideally, you should choose a theme that matches the event that you’re hosting. It could be for a birthday, a local holiday, or something you’d just like to celebrate. To encourage everyone to participate, you might consider giving away an award or prize to the participant who’s going to be wearing the best costume. Let everyone cast their vote as to who they think has the best getup.

Additionally, you can play background music that’ll help set the mood for the theme of the event.


Consider Sending Snacks And Drinks

A fun event would never be complete without snacks and drinks. However, since you’re doing the meeting virtually and couldn’t prepare a food and drink table that everyone can dive into, you might want to consider sending every team member their own share. While it might be a bit costly, especially since you have to pay for delivery fees, it’ll be something that’ll surely put everyone in a great mood during the event.  

When sending snacks and drinks, try to match them with the theme. If the theme is the holiday season, you might want to send out some baked cookies or any other suitable pastry, along with a chocolate ball they can quickly add to their hot chocolate drink.

Looking for a café, restaurant, or an online food shop that has the types of food that complements your planned theme would always be a great idea. 


Pick The Perfect Activities 

Of course, the life of every event would be the activities and games you’ll be incorporating. Just ensure that you choose a game that every team member can join in, even if they’re just sitting right in front of their computers.  

Depending on the duration of your event, you should prepare at least three to five games. You should consider the number of participants, as well as the difficulty levels of the games. Ideally, the first one should be light and fun, gradually increasing the intensity to bring out the competitiveness of each participant.

It’d also be best to also consider the input of your team members. Ask around for their own game recommendations so they won’t feel left out during the whole process. Who knows?  They might know of something that’d turn out to be the best game anyone has ever played in their lives!



Virtual team meetings shouldn’t only be events for professional collaborations, but these should be fun as well, making sure the attendees have a great time. To make one truly engaging, you should plan for it thoroughly and ensure that everyone will feel welcome and comfortable. Choose a theme, have your team members wear costumes, send out food, and play games—these are just some of the things that’ll encourage everybody’s participation, making every virtual meeting one for the books.


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